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OBJECT_REVISION not setting properly

Tommy H83

OBJECT_REVISION not setting properly

I'm having a problem where my OBJECT_REVISION is not getting set properly in the kenv_env_contents table after a migration for about 1% of migrations. I have the object types configured properly and all pointing to the right object type field parameter... most of the time the revision is set properly... other times no. This isn't specific to one object type.. it looks like it's actually about 8 of them.

I noticed thatwhat is happening is the value which is being set is the value of another field on the object type... for example: I have the "File Location" field used for my file chooser ... it is set to "Server" by default. Sometimes I see the OBJECT_REVISION set to "Server"... so this leads me to believe PPM is somehow getting confused and pulling the incorrect parameter. I also noticed that for the 8 object types which have this problem they are either pointing to PARAMETER6 or PARAMETER8 for the object revision ("Version Number") field. Object types which don't have this issue have the version number set up as PARAMETER5 (and OBJECT_REVISION also pointing to 5).

The other interesting fact is - in many cases, the object types which have this problem have the File Location field mentioned above set to PARAMETER5... so I definitely think something is getting mixed up during the process.

My problem now though is... I can't just go and change my version number parameters to all PARAMETER5... I have hundreds of packages out there that will most likely not function properly anymore. The real solution will be to figure out why this is happeneing in the first place.

Any ideas?
frank chiang
Valued Contributor.

Re: OBJECT_REVISION not setting properly

In each of the object type, there is a Object Revision Column (in the upper right hand corner) that allows you to specify which storage parameter you're storing for the version number field.