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Notification when milestone reached

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Notification when milestone reached

Hello Team, we have a question on exactly when should a notification go out 'when a milestone is reached'?  This is from the notification tab on a project task.


Is it when the milestone task changes to 'READY' or does it when the milestone is marked 'COMPLETE' or some other process or status?


We are experimenting with this option and curious about how it should work.


Appreciate your time and advice.


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Re: Notification when milestone reached

Hi Frankie,


not sure if you are aware of the following that must be configured prior to these notifications working:


These type of notifications are triggered daily.

There is a setting in the server.conf:




If this is set to a value other than 0, then the daily service  is run only during that hour.

For this to work correctly, the exception engine interval should be greater than 60 minutes.

By default, the interval is set to 70 minutes and the wake-up time to 1 (that is, 1:00 AM Server time).

So the notifications run once a day at 1:00 AM.


Also be aware that It is required that the resource you would want to notify are part of the project resources participants.


To answer the more general question you posed, of whether this means that notifications are sent when a milestone is reached or complete, please be aware of the following:


(See also the 9.1 PM user guide, chapter 6, page 116 or later versions of the same guide but different page)


Project managers can set up notifications for tasks within a work plan.

Project managers and summary task owners can edit these notifications from the Task Details page. Email messages can be sent to appropriate team members whenever a specific event occurs on a task. This would include such events as:


The completion of a milestone.




Hope this helps for starters.

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