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Notification stored in sent folder?

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Notification stored in sent folder?

When a notification is sent through PPM, are the notifications stored in the Sender's Id? in the sent or say a copy in the Inbox?

The unsent notifications are saved in the inbox for sure, but does the same happen to successful ones as well? Our client needs this info to formulate a plan to house keep these notifications..

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Varun Singh
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Re: Notification stored in sent folder?

FTF: You don't need to have a authentic Email Id exist to send a notifications.
for ex-

you will receive the mails from this ID but in reality this mailbox may or may not exist.

All notifications details are there in the knta_noti_parent_txn

take it from database, why unnecessary use the seperate mailbox.
I know, I still didn't answer what u have asked for.
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