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Notification on Custom Field - Field Change

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Notification on Custom Field - Field Change

Is there any way to send Notifications on a field change of a custom field?


There was a link to a workaround posted here, but that link no longer appears to be valid.


Thanks in advance,



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Re: Notification on Custom Field - Field Change

You can take reference of this URL:


Or else create trigger and send the notifcation via DB.


Utkarsh Mishra

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Re: Notification on Custom Field - Field Change

Thank you for your quick response and for finding the valid link.


The workaround in the link is the same workaround I had already considered, but I was curious if there were any other workarounds.


I appreciate the information on the trigger, though I don't think I will go that route.


Thanks again,




Posting solution to avoid any linkage issues in the future:

Identify the field that you want to send a notification. (Field 1)
Identify an unused OOTB field that can have field change notifications. (Field 2)
Create a field change notification when Field 2 is populated with the desired value.
Create a field change rule to populate Field 2 when Field 1 contains the desired value.


//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event