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Notification Mail on same step

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Notification Mail on same step



I want to add a notification for the add resource step. When user add a resource a mail will be sent to resource. But in this step there are more than one user which add their resources and push the add resource button. 


I want to do this when user add resource and push the save request button PPM will sent a notification to resources.


Also, I have another problem in this process. In our process, All Users add resources and push the add resources button and the action goes to development. And we have control mechanism for users not write 0 scheduled effort


1)One user push the button one didnot push. Request is waiting same step

2) If user add resource with 0 effort then step is turn back and PPM wants all actions again. This is very problematic when two or more users wants to add their resources.




Niraj Prabhu
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Re: Notification Mail on same step


Looks like you have a workflow transition and can use any of the workflow step to send notification.

About the concurrent user issue, you can set a timeout window on the step, to release the action quicker say 30 sec.
Niraj P.