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Notification Issue

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Notification Issue


We have configured the notification on change of Out of the box 'Assigned To Group' field in Request Type.

Also we have a dummy 'Assigned to Group'field which gets populate with a security group name on change of Out of the box 'Assigned To Group' field.

We are using this dummy field token in receipient list and also in a subject line of notification.

But when the notification is triggered it goes to old security group not the new security group which populated on change of Out of the box 'Assigned To Group' field.

To make it more clear please have a look at the description below.

Initially :

OOTB Assigned Group Name - A

Custom Assigned Group Name - A-TQM (As per our on change rule)

After Change

OOTB Assigned Group Name - B

Custom Assigned Group Name - B-TQM (As per our on change rule)

But when the value got change from A-TQM to B-TQM

still email goes to A-TQM

Semenov Alexand
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Re: Notification Issue

We resolve this issue by:
1. Need send notification on field 1 change.
In list of fiels allow small numbers of fiel (8-10), application,company i.e.
How it possible?
You need create a RULE than aply on field 1 chanege to change value on field "application" to value "HP" for example.
Next you set notification on change field "application" on value "HP".
In result we have structure:
Field 1 change--> field "Application" change-->send notification by event field "Application" change to value "HP".
It's working. I check this.
Good Luck
Shravan Kathuri
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Re: Notification Issue


We have also same requirement.I have one doubt.For the first time, when we change the first value , the application value will be filled with "HP" and notification will send.But later again If i want to change original value again, the resultant field still the same ( I mean value from "HP" to "HP"). In this case, will the notification gets fired?

And If it will fired, Can we have this resultant field as hidden field in this context?