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Nothing to log timesheets against


Nothing to log timesheets against



I have created a project and created tasks in its workplan, and assigned resources to those tasks. One of these resources (Zawar Qayyum) has created a timesheet, but when attempting to log time against a project, the listing shows 0 projects found.



This is despite that fact that for one project, the resource is assigned tasks:



And the project settings allow the resource to log timesheets:



Kindly advise on what to do. I followed the section "Integrating Time Management and Project Management" of the HP Time Management Users Guide for PPM. What else do I need to do to be able to add time against projects or tasks.



Zawar Qayyum

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Re: Nothing to log timesheets against

Check the "Cost and Effort" section within Project setting and see who all can charge time agint it. Temporarily select "All Resources" option and see if it works.




Secondly you need to check whether your Work Plan is active or not. Make sure the Work plan is activie or the task at level 0 (Main Task) is Active.  Below is the snippet.






Utkarsh Mishra

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