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New Resource Tracking Section in Demand for 7.5

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New Resource Tracking Section in Demand for 7.5

I have noticed the following 2 observations and was hoping somebody could help elaborate on what the system is doing:

1. If we choose to ONLY use the Resource Tracking option in our Demand Enhancement request:
>the ‘Scheduled Effort’ entered for the resource on the request ‘thru the Tracking section’ is only indicated when the resource brings in the enhancement into his/her timesheet. I don’t see anywhere else this ‘Scheduled Effort’ is noted. It does NOT show up the Analyze Resource Assignment portlet, so is this correct?

>When the resource puts ‘actual’ time to the request, this actual time DOES show up in the Analyze Resource Assignment portlet, but is indicated as an ‘asset’. Why is it showing up as an asset? Any scheduled effort assigned, still DOES NOT show up in any of the portlets.

2. If we choose to use BOTH the ‘Work Item’ field group AND ‘Resource Tracking’:

>Using ‘Work Items’ now allows me to enter a Scheduled Start & Finish date for the Demand Enhancement request and it calculates the scheduled effort for the whole request.

> Now if you assign a resource thru Resource Tracking, you can also assign ‘scheduled effort’ to the individual resource.

QUESTION: Is there or should there be a relationship between the ‘Scheduled Effort’ entered in Work Item vs. the Scheduled Effort entered in Resource Tracking? For example, if the total Scheduled Effort for Resource Tracking is less or over than the total entered in the Work Item section, is it supposed to do any adjusting or updates?? (From what I’m seeing, it does not).

>Also, when I use BOTH Work Items and Resource Tracking, the Scheduled Effort and Actuals DO ROLL UP into the Analyze Resource Assignment portlet, so is it correct to say that we HAVE to use both sections in order to get a picture of resource capacity?