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New 'Closed Loop' process on Defects and Product Enhancements.

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New 'Closed Loop' process on Defects and Product Enhancements.

When an Incident is logged with RnD, it will first either be evaluated as an Enhancement Request or as a Problem, for the latter often resulting in a Defect. For either Defect or Enhancement Request, a Change Request would then be created.  Until recently, it was necessary to log a new case with Support to be informed of the status of either once the Change request had been created. This has changed.


From now on, Change Requests created by RnD will be published on SSO (Self Solve Online).


At this point, you need to know when and how to find the document. The unfortunate issue is, that you can only search SSO for the doc either via KM doc-ID which you will not know, or the title of the call you created. The published doc is NOT visible via the QCCR-number you received by the labs.



Use the following link where you add the ID after the underscore, for instance  


This is the deep link directly to the doc.



You don’t have to rely on PPM-Support by logging a new call to update yourself of the status of the request. You don’t even have to do this yourself anymore because there is a notification-mechanism associated with the published document. Another advantage is that you can now search on known issues and also enhancement requests and if you add your mail-address to the notification-email, then this will, for ERs, also count as a hit on customer base when it comes to the review.



Using the above deep link (store the part ‘’ to be able to use it when Support supplies the Change request ID)  – and you will see the page opened after logging in via HP Passport..

ON this page you will see a link where you can submit your mail-address for notification when the status of the CR changes – this applies to CRs for ERs as well as for known problems, so there is no need anymore to open a new request asking for the status of the issue – if you have submitted the mail-address to the notification list and didn't get a mail, then there WAS no change. See attached document where the link is visible for the example above -> E-mail me when this enhancement request is updated or resolved.


Please be aware that due to the closed loop process, you’ll be informed of any status change to this request automatically if you submit your email-address to the notification list.


Since the ‘closed loop’ process does not involve PPM-Support, the assigned engineer will then request that the initial request be closed once the document has been published. Please also be aware that it may take up to seven days from the Change Request having been made known to the engineer until the document is then finally released to the SSO-page. If this time has elapsed and the document is STILL not visible, you should trigger the engineer for investigation why this is so.


Feel free to give feedback on your experiences with the process.


Johannes Y
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Re: New 'Closed Loop' process on Defects and Product Enhancements.



What about old change requests using the old number series like 123456, are they now transferred to a QCxxxx number? And if so how, will support be able to assist in finding out what the new numbers are?

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Re: New 'Closed Loop' process on Defects and Product Enhancements.

Hi Johannes,


sorry, I think I've tried posting a reply three times now.

Hope this one will work.


You have to separate the legacy Change Requests into two categories:

a) Defects: They already have been moved to the new tool;

b) Product Enhancements. There WAS initially no plan to move these over and customers are urged to keep the old process for these and create a new request asking for updates. Recently however, plans are being made to move them over also BUT this will take time. The enhancements are being reviewed for duplicates and readibility before making a decision. There is however no timeline on when this will start of finish yet.


Support can tell you the new number IF this is moved over at any given time.


Let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards,



Re: New 'Closed Loop' process on Defects and Product Enhancements.

Legacy Enhancement Requests have been migrated to the new system.  If you have an existing 6-digit request number, Customer Support can find it on the new system by searching on the field: "Legacy ID"

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