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Need some clarification on the work-flow modification

Jegadeesh Ramam
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Need some clarification on the work-flow modification


Could somebody clarify this ?

I'm working on PPM 7.5.
Let's say I've a PPM project work-flow request type(T1) and have initiated a project (P1) using this request type and the project is currently active.

Now my question is, can I modify (ie. add additional work-flow steps) the work-flow instance of project P1, without modifying the work-flow request template (T1) ?

The reason is, I don't want to modify the work-flow request type, as there're other projects already using it (and don't want these projects to be affected by the modification) or may need the unmodified req type T1 in future.
But I want to modify only the work-flow instance of a particular active project.

Is this possible and if so, how can this be achieved ?

Appreciate a quick response...

Thanks in advance

Erik Cole
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Re: Need some clarification on the work-flow modification


I don't know of any way to modify the workflow instance apart from the template. What you can do is add the additional steps and maybe use a token router step (evaluate Request_Id) to prevent other projects from entering that section of the workflow...?