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Need input regarding existing workflow step modification

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Need input regarding existing workflow step modification

Hello All,

I would like to know the best practices for achieveing the following -

We are using an existing request type and the workflow. The workflow has only 4 steps with two manual steps named A and B. The request has been used and is currently in the hundreds. There is now a need to change some labels on the request type and the name of the steps in the workflow from the exisitng A, B to U,V.


I have tried changing the name of the manual step out on a copied workflow and can see the changes when i create new requests in that the name of the step has changed to the new value. However if I open up the closed requests or make a copy of an existing request the old names still come up.


My queries are:


1) Is it recommended to update the step name at all in the workflow.

2) If yes, what all are the tables for updating the requests regarding the old step name that still shows up.

Thanks for your help


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Re: Need input regarding existing workflow step modification


I believe your problem is due to the fact that you changed the labels in a copy of the workflow. Whilst PPM does not store the step
labels in the history tables, it does link the requests to a specific workflow, hence any change you make in the copy will not be visible in existing requests.

I would recommend you to change the existing workflow. I have done this many times with no issues. Furthermore, there is absolutely no reason to go and change anything in the database in this approach.


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Re: Need input regarding existing workflow step modification

Thank you Alex