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Need help to integrate PPM 9.22 and ALM 11

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Need help to integrate PPM 9.22 and ALM 11

Hello, I need some detailed information like how to start the integration process from PPM. we have ALM 11 installed and PPM 9.22 installed. i think we need to install ALM bundle in PPM server and start integration process. could you please provide some guide or slide deck talks about the entire process.


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Re: Need help to integrate PPM 9.22 and ALM 11

Hi cthatipelli,


attached you'll find a document that explains the steps in detail to make the integration work.

Be aware that it's only meant as a reference, and only for workflow step status' etc that are out of the box.

Else you'll have to modify the steps accordingly.


Please be aware that we recommend contacting Professional Services if you want to largely customize your environment with this integration.


Please 'solve' this thread if you have no further questions.


Wish you the best of luck.


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