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Need flexible deployment process for Oracle EBS code...

Jim Bowen
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Need flexible deployment process for Oracle EBS code...


My Oracle EBS customers are looking for a more flexible deployment process. Here is a summary of what we need to do; I'm hoping to get some guidance on the best way to accomplish this.

The large group who is customizing the Oracle EBS has many sub-groups, working on different parts of the product. There are also many different Oracle environments, with separate databases, to which code needs to be deployed.

Let's assume that there are 20 different environments. Any given request may need to be deployed to a set of 5 environments. These environments will vary from project to project.

Their need is for me to build a package workflow that will allow them to choose the target environments up front, (I would have them stored in request parameters) and then have the workflow migrate from and to those environments.

The limitation is that the workflow steps must have the environments hard-coded in them. So, theoretically, I need to create either MANY workflows with all of the possible permutations of environments, or create a huge spider-web of a workflow that contains all of the possible steps.

There MUST be a better way, but I don't know what that is. I would like to find out how others handle this.

Erik Cole
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Re: Need flexible deployment process for Oracle EBS code...

Hi Jim,

Interesting question!

This is all theoretical, but...


You could maybe build a workflow that loops back through the migration (execution) step until it has migrated to each destination that has been selected. You would probably have to build a custom object type that you could pass the list of environments to, and along with that you would probably need a custom command that uses ksc_set_env to override the environment to whatever the 'current' loop is migrating to.


You could use a custom object type that just sends all the objects & environments as parameters to a shell script on the server, which would then in turn perform all the loop/file copy duties from there and report back to PPM.

Just thinking out loud here...does anyone else have any ideas?