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Move forward requests by web service

Imrik Marcell
Occasional Advisor

Move forward requests by web service

Does PPM 7.1 web services support moving forward request on its workflow? We haven’t found any function for this purpose in Demand management web service module BUT we identified the ExecuteWorkflowTransitions function in Project management web service module

Could anybody confirm that this function (ExecuteWorkflowTransitions) is for moving forward request on workflows and not only project requests but for any requests?

Thank you

Regular Collector

Re: Move forward requests by web service


This feature to move request forward using web services is included in HP PPM version 8.0
Imrik Marcell
Occasional Advisor

Re: Move forward requests by web service

Based on the documentation PPM 7.5 has already this function in Demand Mgmt

Web Services Guide 7.5

HP Demand Management
Method : executeWFTransitions
Description : Executes a workflow transition for a PPM Center request
Introduced in Version : 7.5
Available in Version 7.5 : Yes
Available using Axis1 : No
Available using Axis2 : Yes

The question is 7.1 ?
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event