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Dominic Almeida
Respected Contributor.

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I've a Project workflow where an approver rejects the project review and goes back to the earlier step in the workflow.

I have added notification while when the approval authority rejects the request.

and the action require notes to be entered while rejecting

I need this note to be part of the Notification message

if somebody knows which token or parameter to use, I would be thankful.

regards - Dom
Super Contributor.

Re: Most Recent note

You could create a field in request to the user put the notes and create a look ahead to it appear only when the request is reject. Therefore, you can put this token in notification.
Jim Esler
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Most Recent note

Try using the token [REQ.MOST_RECENT_NOTE_TEXT] or [PRJ.MOST_RECENT_NOTE_TEXT]. An easy way to find all of the available tokens is with the token builder. When you are editing a notification, click the Tokens button in the lower left corner of the window.
Dominic Almeida
Respected Contributor.

Re: Most Recent note

Thanks Jim. This works.