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Modify Create Project Page

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Victoria Stefan
Regular Collector

Modify Create Project Page

Hi All,

Can anybody tell me how to modify page Create Project?
I would like to put default value for Project Type and to hide the field Region because it is always one.

Thank you in advance,

Sascha Mohr
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Modify Create Project Page

Hello Victoria, the page is not a JSP which you could customize by adding the default to the one field and hiding the other. I don't think we actually have the sources for these type of pages.
If someone knows a way, please share, we have had the same requirement.
Shravan Kathuri
Senior Member

Re: Modify Create Project Page

Hi Victoria,

there is a jsp file called "CreateProject.jsp", their I think you can modify the Region field. and for default value for the Project type, may be you can change the validation for this field.

Shravan kumar.K

Re: Modify Create Project Page

The jsp actually hard-codes the validation id for this:

This turns out to be a validation called:PM - Project Types (restricted). This is a validation that is validated by SQL.
So if you wanted to, you ought to be able to create your own drop-down list validation, and set the default to whatever you want.
After you create your new validation, run this SQL:
select *
--where validation_id = 3026
order by validation_id desc
Your new validation will appear at the top of the list. Use that validation_id in your jsp file.
Regular Collector

Re: Modify Create Project Page

The <PPM home directory>\server\<Kintana server name>\deploy\itg.war\WEB-INF\jsp\pm\project\CreateProject.jsp content is:

<itgcmp:autoComplete property="region"
                                multiSelect="false" />


The  validationID 2624 is: PPM - Regions

I created a new validation  (type Drop Down List) validated by SQL:

select null as code,'null' as meaning from dual
select region_id as code,region_name as meaning  from knta_regions
order by 1 desc

So the first value returned by this validation is null.

I got the validation id and put it on the CreateProject.jsp as below:

<itgcmp:autoComplete property="region"
                                multiSelect="false" />

After rebooting of PPM, the CreateProject page is loaded with the Region value declared during the PPM installation: I can manually select the null value: so it means that the createproject page uses my new validation.

Any other idea?


Regular Collector

Re: Modify Create Project Page

Finally, I solved the issue by adding a javascript to clear the region field value.


window.onload = function() { 
 // alert(document.all.regionAC_TF.value);
 // alert(document.all.regionAC_TFHV.value);
 document.all.regionAC_TF.value = "";
 document.all.regionAC_TFHV.value = "";

Jim Esler
Honored Contributor

Re: Modify Create Project Page

Keep in mind that if you migrate your new validation to another instance, it will probably have a different validation id and you will have to modify the jsp file accordingly in each instance.

Occasional Contributor

Re: Modify Create Project Page

Hi Greg and others,


I have followed the instructions for the solution:

- Created a new dropdown validation with one value as default.

- Changed the validation id in the CreateProject.jsp value into the new validation id

- Restarted the services and flushed the cache


However the default value is not populated into the Project Type

After that I have tried to make a new validation as autocomplete list based on the previous created drop down lis.

That doesn't work either.


When I check the source code of the page, I can see that project type has no tag value="project type default"

In the same source code of the page, for the field region the tag value="Netherlands".


So for the field Region the default value is populated correctly.


Do you know a solution for this?

Do I need to change the jsp page and add an extra tag Value="project type default"


Best Regards,



ls. we use HP PPM 8.03

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event