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Migration from Windows to HP UX

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Migration from Windows to HP UX


Is possible the migration from Windows to HP-UX of the entire application (workflow, document repository, etc)? If the answer is yes, what tool is necessary?

Thanks a lot. BR,


Darshan Bavisi
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Re: Migration from Windows to HP UX

Hello Daniel,

Yes, it is absolutely doable. You can follow these steps for the same,

1. Shut down the ppm application server
2. Zip the entire ppm file structure of applicaion server (using tar command through cygwin)
3. Transfer the zip file to HP-UX system using FTP in binary mode.
4. Unzip (untar) the zip file in the folder in the HP-UX system.
5. Run the script and modify the server parameters, for the base url, ip address, port number, attachment dir, etc. for the HP-UX system.
6. Run script.

Then start the server. That should be it and you should be set.

Other things,

1. You will need to have a new license key for the HP-UX IP address by requesting HP to replace your license key from old IP address to the new IP address.

2. Sometimes, the scripts in the /bin folder gets ^M characters leading failures of scripts. You can either remove them manually or try to FTP these scripts in plain text format from Windows to HP-UX.

Let know if you need any other details on the same or if you run into any issues.