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Migration failed for some objects

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Migration failed for some objects

Hi all,

We have setup the deployment management module to migrate PPM objects from DEV environment to TEST environment. The environments are identical (hardware and software).


The environments are all set OK - all checks are passed.


When we migrate independent objects (such as Request Header Type) the migration (extract/import) works OK - no errors. However, when we try migrating Request Type - it failes with an error Source SCPClient:Error: transfer failed.


So far we experience errors only with objects that have some sort of dependency such as Request Type and Header Type or Portlet and Data Source.  The header types and data sources are migrated OK, but their dependents generate errors.


The most interesting part is that TEST to DEV  migrations work with no errors at all.


Has anyone experience such a behavior? Any ideas on what could be wrong (setup or our actions)! We just want to explore different options before submitting a SR.


Our instance is Version 8.03.


Thank you in advance





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Re: Migration failed for some objects



Try a manual SCP transfer from Dev to Test.

It may be waiting for you to answer a prompt.


Good Luck!

Erik Cole
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Re: Migration failed for some objects

Can you sucessfully migrate other multi-line packages into Test? Perhaps Test is not configured to accept more than one SCP/SSH session at a time?

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Re: Migration failed for some objects

We tried manual SCP already - the manual transfer works fine even for the objects that generate errors via package execution. No prompt or erros other then prompt for password are outputted when we execute failed objects manualy.




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Re: Migration failed for some objects

We found something similar with workflow migration, but only with some environments.


As a workaround we find that renaming the zip package in the package line editor serves as a workaround.



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Re: Migration failed for some objects

Thank you for responses!


The issue has been resolved with a help from HP Support.

The issues turned out to be a known issue, and there is an entry in the knowledge base addressing it - we just could not find it because knowledge base just moved to a new platform and indexing is not working yet – so our queries would not return any results on the error.


Here is the solution:


Set the required configuration items in the profile:


In all source and destination environments the following configuration items need to be set in your $HOME/.bash_profile or $HOME/.profile (UNIX) or cygwin/etc/profile (Cygwin on Microsoft Windows) to avoid SCP transfer failures:

export PS1='$ ' 
export TERM=dumb 
stty cols 999 


  • The "PS1" setting will avoid the possibly having an issue of exceeding command line length restrictions 
  • The "stty cols 999" will avoid the appearance of an exact command length failure
  • The "TERM" type must be one of the supported types dumb, vt100, or vt220

And here is the link to the knowledge base: