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Migration Error

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Migration Error

Please see message text below. I am getting the following error when attempting to migrate PPM component (validation). Has anyone seen the error message before (Found text 'KSC_EXIT_STATUS' without a '$?' and without an exit status.)? Thanks.

sent [encrypted] command:
$ Hidden% $KNTATMP bin/ -username "jerald_blankenship" -password '#!#*****#!#' -action bundle -entityId 13 -primaryKeyName "GOI\-Project\ Register" -filename 'transfers/' -unescapeUnicode Y; echo KSC_EXIT_STATUS $?
received echo:
The received command was suppressed because it contained a password.
Found text 'KSC_EXIT_STATUS' without a '$?' and without an exit status.
Mahen M
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Re: Migration Error

Can you attach the full log file in a word Document?

Mahendran M
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Re: Migration Error

Here is the complete log file in .doc format.
Surendra Poosar
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Re: Migration Error


Please look into the length of the whole command which you are trying to pass and execute at the command propmt. It says around 253 Characters. Could you try to reduce the command length to less than 240 characters and try?

We had the same issue a couple of times and we had reduced the file name and it worked fine.

In your case you could try to rename the file to and try.

Please let me know if you find a better solution.


Re: Migration Error

There is a defect on this that will be fixed in 7.5, SP7 (maybe).

The only work-around at this time is to use shorter name OR use the -primaryKey instead of -primaryKeyName option.
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