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Migrating Object Migrator

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Migrating Object Migrator



We have Object migrator 6.0 installed on an oracle ebs instnace v11i on our server where PPM is hosted. This oracle ebs is just for hosting obj migrator so that it can carry the migrations.

We want to migrate this object migrator v6.0 to new server where another oracle ebs is installed. that Oracle EBS is v12.

I know OM v6.0 is not compatible as per HP. So, we will do a POC. And then the client wants to know if possible can we upgrade OM 6.0 to 7.5 there on the new server.

I need urgent help to find an approach:


1. How can we migrate OM to new oracle EBS on new server? I could not find any GUIDE to do this.

Do we migrate CLM_TOP directory and CLM database of object migrator to new server and then maybe do some configuration changes, similar to how we clone HP PPM instance.

OR --- Do we install HP OM 6.0 or 7.5 on new server and migrate the current CLM database there and provide that database name in confugurations?

OR -- do we have to migrate OM along with current Oracle EBS 11i to new server, no other way?


Please can you help me with these queries? Thanks!!!!