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Max DB connections

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Max DB connections

We have about 500 PPM users (We have stanalone server machine).At a time (one day a week for about an hour), we may have about 200+ users logging in for entering time sheets. Our DBA has increased the DB connection pool size to 300.
The default value for MAX_DB_CONNECTIONS was set to 60.
For above scenario, with about 300 users logging in to system, what is recommended value for MAX_DB_CONNECTIONS ?

Also, I understand MAX_ITG_DB_CONNECTIONS and MAX_DASHBOARD_DB_CONNECTIONS would also be required to modify accordingly. What would be suggested values for these parameters?

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Re: Max DB connections

Oracle database parameters(ORACLE side):
Oracle database parameters that can affect PPM Center system performance.
The PROCESSES parameter value determines the maximum number of
operating system user processes that can simultaneously connect to the Oracle
database. PPM Center uses a pool of database connections. When database
activity is required, connections are picked from the pool and the database
activity is performed on this existing connection. This process saves the
overhead of creating and cleaning up database connections.


Set the PROCESSES parameter value to 20 plus the number of total connections
that might be used (MAX_DB_CONNECTIONS).


Although concurrent usage and usage nature are factors used to determine the
number of connections used, a PPM Server rarely uses more than 60 database


For single-server configurations, set the parameter value to 60 + 20 = 80
(the default). For a PPM Server cluster configuration with three nodes,
set the parameter value to (3 x 60) + (3 x 20) = 240.


Server configuration parameters(PPM side):
Maximum size of each of the two database connection pools that the
PPM Server creates. Each user does not get a dedicated connection. The
server uses connection pooling, so it opens a new database connection
only if no connections are available in the pool.
After this number is reached, user sessions queue for the next available
database connection.
MAX_DB_CONNECTIONS = 60 (default)



Depend on below information 300 could be enough for it but it maybe more than required. To get real value you should look DB connection statistics. In workbench > Sys Admin > Server Tools select Broker Performance report


This report shows:
 Number of threads waiting for connections
 Average duration threads had to wait for connections
 Percentage of threads that had to wait for connections
 Total number of connection requests, and if JDBC logging is enabled
 Statement cache hit rate percentage (over the last 100 statements)




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Re: Max DB connections

Thank you Celil !