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Majority Approval process in PPM

Raj Ghimire
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Majority Approval process in PPM

I am not sure if this can be acheived using current functionality in PPM, but we were getting a query about whether it would be possile to impliment "Majority Approval" process in PPM.
We have 4 different approvers for a location and they wanted to use a "majority rules" format. If 3 of the 4 approves and 1 disapproves or doesn't respond, they want the request to assumes that it has been approved and allow the developer to go ahead with the change.

I don't have any restrictions, I can put them into 4 diffeent groups or everyone into one group. I have been playing around with 4 group idea but haven't quite been able to figure out.

Has anyone had experience with using "something similar" approval logic in the past ? Can AND/OR steps be utilized along with Timeout feature in someway here ?

Thanks in advance for you input.
Alexandru Saven
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Re: Majority Approval process in PPM

I have implemented something similar:
I have a token which contains all user ids that need to provide decision. Whenever a user takes a decision, the workflow is routed to an automated step which removes the user from the token, evaluates the condition (majority in your case) and either routes back the workflow, either routes the workflow forward depending on the rule (majority in your case).

hope this helps.