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Main menu drop down not working

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Deepak Bhattad
Regular Collector

Main menu drop down not working



This is pertaining to one user from our user community.


This particular user has been using PPM for couple of years now.


Last week for some reason the main menu drop down options suddenly disappeared from the users screen.


So when the user logs in today he can see the main menu at the top but when he hovers over it or clicks on any of the options the drop down does not seem to be working.


We are on HP PPM V8.02 and the browser is IE 8.


Any ideas as to what might have changed in the browser settings (I m thinking this might be the issue as no other user has a problem) that might have caused this issue.




Erik Cole
Honored Contributor

Re: Main menu drop down not working

Maybe the Javascript? Has he tried another browser (Firefox, etc?) or cleared his browser cache?

Deepak Bhattad
Regular Collector

Re: Main menu drop down not working

Clearing the cache did not work and the user does not have another browser installed on the machine.


Any thoughts or ideas on the settings in the browser that if enabled could help us sought the issue out.



Raj Ghimire
Occasional Visitor

Re: Main menu drop down not working

Erik probably is right here ... We faced similar issues for one of our users a few months back after he applied the Microsoft security update. I think the update somehow broke some java script settings on his machine. 


In our case, we cleared the cache from his desktop (in all browsers) and re-started the computer.

Also, our user was also experiencing workbench launch issues so we also disabled the extra java versions that was installed on his machine.  I am not sure that will apply in your case..


In any  case, if you can, let us know know if the above mentioned actions or something else resolves your issue.. This could be helpful reference for us in future ...




Erik Cole
Honored Contributor

Re: Main menu drop down not working

I'd be looking at Tools > Internet Options > Tools tab, Custom level button - scripting, active scripting is enabled


Security & antivirus programs like to fool with these settings "on your behalf" as well...

Frequent Visitor

Re: Main menu drop down not working

It would be great if this user can test (Just for testing purposes) with Mozilla Firefox, so we can definitely confirm that the issue is Internet Explorer related.


Is the PPM URL using a secure connection like HTTPS ?  wondering if the specific IE settings dont like a HTTPS in the URL....


Besides clearing the browser cookies and cache,

Have you try to clear the java cache on this client machine?


Clearing the Java Plug-in cache forces the browser to load the latest versions of web pages and programs.

To clear the Java Plug-in cache:

Click Start > Control Panel.

Double-click the Java icon in the control panel.
The Java Control Panel appears.

3-Click Settings under Temporary Internet Files.
The Temporary Files Settings dialog box appears

4-Click Delete Files.
The Delete Temporary Files dialog box appears.

5-Click OK on Delete Temporary Files window.
Note: This deletes all the Downloaded Applications and Applets from the cache.

6-Click OK on Temporary Files Settings window.
Note: If you want to delete a specific application and applet from the cache, click on View Application and View Applet options respectively.

Frequent Visitor

Re: Main menu drop down not working

Hi Deepak,


We also faced this issue sometimes back. Please follow the below steps.


Go to Tools-> Internet Options -> Advanced Tab -> Reset... -> then click on delete temp files and then RESET..


Restart IE and try opening the Menu drop down.



Mohit Agrawal

Please mark it as accepted if this solves your query and click Kudos..:)

Deepak Bhattad
Regular Collector

Re: Main menu drop down not working

There were some security related updates to the browser that were causing the issue.


Restoring the broswer to older settings did the trick.


Appreciate all your suggestions and thank you!!!

Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Main menu drop down not working

I had the same problem with PPM.  Went to Chrome and had no problem

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event