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MPP interation with PPM 910

Nikhil Thomas
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MPP interation with PPM 910



I have a Project plan created in MPP. I need to get this integrated in my PPM 910 instance. Can someone please brief me on the steps to get this done as i have not tried doing this before?


Also once this integration is complete would all the tasks enlisted in the MPP be refelcted in underlying PPM database tables for e.g. tables that starts with WP. Thus enabling creation of WP portlets with the Project Plans created in MPP.


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Re: MPP interation with PPM 910

Hello Nikhil,


For the MicroSoft Project Integration, please review the attached PPM PM User Guide, starting on page 225.

You may want to download the Configuration guide as well, since there are a couple of server.conf parameters you may need to add.


The integration is pretty straight forward.


Good Luck!