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MPP integration with HP PPM

Deepak Bhattad
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MPP integration with HP PPM


We are using Version 8.0 and are using the MPP controlled mechanism to create projects in PPM - wherein we create and track th actuals in MPP and keep synching PPM with MPP.

The issue that I have is that when u put in the actuals in MPP like Actual Finish this will update the Finish date of the task as well which when integrated with PPM updates the schedule date as well.

Ideally what it should do is that it should only update the actuals while the schedule dates should not be effected but the way its working now its changing the entire schedule in PPM and making the milestones and the plan appear as if its on track.

Is there a way this can be avaoided and if so how???

Catherine Curti
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Re: MPP integration with HP PPM

Have you tried to modify the mapping columns in the project type settings? I believe you can create your own mapping definition. Just a thought.