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Logging Queries (SQL Statements)


Logging Queries (SQL Statements)

Hello guys
is it possible that I capture all the queries and SQL statements which are fired from the PPM system

suppose, running reports i need to capture what sql queries are passed in the backgroud


i had set a parameter

but seems like it only logs that when the sql command was passed, and how much time taken to run that command and when the results were retrieved,... not the actual query which was passed to the databas oracle.

your help is much appreciated.

Darshan Bavisi
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: Logging Queries (SQL Statements)

Hi Raheel,

You can setup the sql trace from Workbench > Edit (in file menu) > Debug Settings (also refer to pages 185-189 in sysadmin.pdf guide for the same). But this will add overhead on the application and can affect the performance.

Alternatively, and a better option would be to get all the sqls from the Oracle logging. Ask your DBA, who should be able to capture all the sqls coming from PPM application in the Oracle logging and can send you all the sqls.