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Load Actuals in Financial Summary - 8.x

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Load Actuals in Financial Summary - 8.x

Hello All,


I want to know, that is there any tool or utility to load the Actuals in Financial Summaries (in exisitng Budget Lines).


I can load them in Actuals columns within "FM_FINANCIAL_LINE_CELLS"; but my problem is that I am not able to refelct them in all the Sections of Financial Summaries i.e. header total, Quaterly total.. etc.


Then I tried to update the FM_FORECAST_ACTUAL_PERIOD_SUM table, but whenever during the SYNC any values is changed then again all these values need to be modifed accordingly within FM_FORECAST_ACTUAL_PERIOD_SUM  table ....


Please share your experience on how to load or SYNC FS actuals in PPM 8.x.

Utkarsh Mishra

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