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Linking of Attachment

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Linking of Attachment

I cannot see the linkage of the attached document of my request (new) once I've copied it from 1 request (original) to another request (new), by using ksc_copy_request with the same token.

I'm looking at knta_documents tables but I cannot find any documents attach/linked in my (new) request.

I cannot link these documents back to the (original) request because once these documents have been updated my output would be not accurate anymore.


Do you have any idea on how to solve this issue?




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Re: Linking of Attachment

Hello Chona,


This is a limitation for the command ksc_copy_request, it doesn't copy request references or attachments.


There is no workaround available; you could use the “Copy request”button instead


A  product enhancement request was created to include this in a future release:


QCCR1L44100 Copy request references with ksc_copy_request


Let me know if this helps, or if you are referring to something else.

Oscar P

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Re: Linking of Attachment

I also received the same reply from HP support. Thanks.