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Link to Dashboard from Project details page

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Link to Dashboard from Project details page

Hi all,


 We have a requirement to have an hyper link in Project details page which should take us to a customised dashboard. The dashoard displays the risk details for that specific project.


Though Risks portlet already available in Project Overview page, the client wants to see few more fields in the portlet. so we have decided to create a new dashboard for the same.


We have added the hyperlink in Details page. WE are facing the below given issues.


1) The link does not appear in already existing projects

2) We should have an option to pass the  project name as the filter value in the hyperlink so that the dashboard displays the details of the specific project

3) For new project, the link appears but the dashboard opens up in the same page and not in separate window.


I have added  atext field in Details page and have set the default value as

'<!--HTML--><a href = http://njnwkdev280v:8080/itg/dashboard/app/portal/PageView.jsp?portletId=10911866>Risk Registry</a>'


Can anyone please let us know how this can be achieved in PPM. Appreciate your response!




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Re: Link to Dashboard from Project details page



Try with java script for opening the pdetails in new window.


below syntax may be useful to you.



New window you can open only with Javascript&colon;'example.html', 'name', 'settings')

popupWin ='',
'menubar, toolbar, location, directories, status, scrollbars, resizable,
dependent, width=640, height=480, left=0, top=0')