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License removal for end dated users

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License removal for end dated users

Hello All,


We noticed an issue with using the "Import Users" report in PPM. When a user is end dated by the report run, their license is not removed from the database side. From the workbench, you see the licenses unchecked, but if you query the database, to still shows they have their licenses.  We tried  running the "" but still did not fix the issue. Has anyone run into this issue? Thanks for the input.



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Re: License removal for end dated users

This is the functionality of PPM i.e. in the product license table you will still find the entry of the license for the disabled users.


Whenever any user is disabled ONLY the end_date field is updated based on this PPM calculates the active users and the Licnese usages.


So don't worry if the DB tables still shows the data for disabled user, you just need to make sure that the END DATE for the users is set correctly.

Utkarsh Mishra

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Re: License removal for end dated users

Thanks alot Utkarsh! Just needed some conformation :)

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event