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LDAP filter to exclude manager and department attribute

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LDAP filter to exclude manager and department attribute

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to LDAP filtering and I need someone to point me to the right direction. I’ve integrated PPM with AD 2012 and I’m trying to import users into PPM. The integration works well but I’m unable to import users mainly because of the following.


  1. In Active directory: Users are well organized; each with a manager and a department. So user A is indicated with his/her manager as well as the department he/she belongs.
  2. The import to PPM fails because the manager needs to be imported first then the user would be imported.


  1. The active directory does not have an OU for Managers and even if it had I’d have to start with the CEO in order to cascade downwards to the lowest ranking employee.

Suggested solution:

  1. Provide an LDAP filter that imports users as they are but ignores the manager and department even if these two attributes exist in AD.Is this possible?

I’m currently using the filter below to exclude workstations



I have attached a screenshot of the problem.