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LDAP Import error message

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LDAP Import error message

Hello All,


I'm am trying to troubleshoot an error message after we ran the Import Users report from PPM. Only six users where affected with this.  Here is the error message:


Importing user: kdb54r
Getting results for: eid=642833941,ou=people
Failed when checking whether username:'bjk70r', distinguishedName:'bjk70r' exists in KNTA_USERS
ORA-20100: The value of DISTINGUISHED_NAME: bjk70r is duplicated.
ORA-06512: at "KNTA.KNTA_USERS_TH", line 331
ORA-06512: at line 1


After querying the database, it looks like this username is tied to two usernames. Does this have to do with LDAP or PPM?




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Re: LDAP Import error message

Hi Jajcen,


best practice would be to have primary keys mapped in the LdapAttribute.conf preventing duplicate users - since the import of the user is now complaining about duplicates, I would as a first think that maybe the file has been reconfigured.


What I understand is that you are trying to import a user kdb54r

You do this by looking for eid=642833941 in AD I presume

This fetches a user and when trying to import to PPM it already finds bjk70r


Has anything been changed in the configuration of users in AD?


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