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KNTA_USERS_INT tables not purging

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KNTA_USERS_INT tables not purging

Hello All,


We are trying to figure out why the knta_users_int tables are not purging in PPM.  We set "DAYS_TO_KEEP_INTERFACE_ROWS" to 3 in the administrator console. We also made sure the "Interface Tables Cleanup Service" is running and enabled. Is there any other steps to take? Also, does anyone know where any documentation is for these services?




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Re: KNTA_USERS_INT tables not purging

Hi Jajcen,


did you make sure that all of the three following settings are set accordingly:




The following tables SHOULD be purged by these services:




Did you make sure that the services are actually running correctly? Make sure whether the way that you have set the cleanup service is case sensitive - I  think it should be all caps, thus the value should be TRUE and not True or true... please check that.


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Jim Esler
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Re: KNTA_USERS_INT tables not purging

We are running version 9.14. We have DAYS_TO_KEEP_INTERFACE_ROWS set to 1. The other two configuration parameters you list do not appear in the Server Configuration Report. The service does clean out the contents of the KNTA_USERS_INT table but it has never cleaned out old entries in the KNTA_USER_SECURITY_INT table since we started running ITG release 6.0. We run a script daily to delete old entries with a database query.


Is this fixed in the latest release?

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Re: KNTA_USERS_INT tables not purging

Hey Jim :-)


right, so there are three parameters:


com.kintana.core.server.ENABLE_INTERFACE_CLEANUP=true                 - well, as it says, this is the service that will actually trigger and run the cleanup. Needs to be set to true in the server.conf. If not there you can also add it via The service identifies old records based on the 'created_date' column of the data in the tables. 

com.kintana.core.server.DAYS_TO_KEEP_INTERFACE_ROWS=3              - with the given value '3' as an example, the service will check the current date against the 'created_date' and will purge any data older than 'creation_date' plus 3. Default value is 5 days beyond 'creation_date'.
com.kintana.core.server.INTERFACE_CLEANUP_INTERVAL=2                   - also clear: Which interval is the service run on. If set to the example value, the service will run ever other day.


You don't see those parameters in the admin console either?

I just checked in one here, I don't see them in there either per default.


Make sure also to understand that the service will include only those records that have been processed. If there is data in the tables that have not yet been processed, these will NOT be purged. Looking at your specific table, I'd most likely test the table columns 'process_phase' or 'process_status' to determine the state.


Let me know how it goes.

Best of luck...


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Please solve the thread if this has helped fix the problem.

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Jim Esler
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Re: KNTA_USERS_INT tables not purging

This is the entry for the cleanup service in the Services Audit page:


Interface Tables Cleanup Service Enabled Not RunningEvery 195 minutes apsp0694 Feb 21, 2014 10:28:54 AM CST Feb 21, 2014 1:43:52 PM CST


This is the query we are using to delete entries not deleted by this service from the knta_user_security_int table:


  delete from knta_user_security_int
       where process_phase = 5
       and process_status = 7;

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Re: KNTA_USERS_INT tables not purging

Hi Jim, not sure about the latest update. So if you check the x_INT-table, do you see records with a creation_date that are older than the date you've set and the interval used? If you state that you are using a query to delete these records, what records are still there? If you want you can send an output of the file per private mail and I'll take a look but as far as I'm aware the records should be deleted if everything works ok and the service runs. Suggest you send kSupport and the table output to me and I'll take a look-see, else we'll need to log a case. Best regards, Dirk