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KENV_ENV_CONTENTS not populating after migration

Tommy H83

KENV_ENV_CONTENTS not populating after migration

In some cases I'm seeing a package being migrated to an environment, but there is no record getting inserted int the kenv_env_contents (or kenv_env_contents_hist) table.

If I look at the package exec log - the object was migrated fine... but I still don't see the record in the table. For example, here is the log entry:

Started: September 15, 2010 01:33:39 PM EDT - Succeeded

But when I query the db:

select count(*) from aqc0001.kenv_env_contents where object_name like 'XP2P_INT_FILE_UPLOAD_AUDIT%';

I get 0...

I noticed that during the migration there were several failures, and eventually the entire package was migrated. For example:

-Line 1 failed
-Line 1 was updated with new version
-Lines 1,2,3,4 passed, 5 failed
-Line 5 was updated with ner version
-Lines 5 and 6 were migrated successfully

Also, there is a SYNC after the execution step... don't know if that could be causing a problem?

My questions are...

1) When exactly is a record inserted/updated in the kenv_env_contents table?
2) Can someone cause a record to not get inserted?
3) Can something cause a record to be deleted after is it inserted?

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated... this kind of scares me because our migration history is EXTREMELY important since we do many environment refreshes.

Thanks for your time,
Tommy H83

Re: KENV_ENV_CONTENTS not populating after migration

After posting I checked and saw another package with this problem. This time though, all the lines Succeeded on the first attempt. But another very strange thing I noticed is that I don't see the succeeded results anywhere in the graphical view. From the package exec log history I can see the lines have been migrated, but from the graphical view he transition lines are still grayed out... I have no idea what is going on here.
Tommy H83

Re: KENV_ENV_CONTENTS not populating after migration

I apologize for talking to myself... but I think I know what's going on. If you have a package workflow which allows you to re-migrate... which essentially I accomplish by having:

- Step 1 is migrate
- Step 2 is re-migrate which transition points back to Step 1

The migration history will get completely wiped out... which is what is happening. This makes absoulutely no sense to me... is there any way to prevent this from happening?