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JBOSS, how to bind a specific IP address - This thread has been closed

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JBOSS, how to bind a specific IP address - This thread has been closed

How could i set PPM 7.5 to listen the right IP address (Virtual Ip address)?
Here is my environnement:
Server Unix AIX 5.3, JDK 1.5 , Oracle
, PPM 7.5 SP1

Everything is already installed and works correctly.

But we saw that PPM was listening all the virtual ip addresses of the server. It supposed to listen its Virual IP only.
How can I do this?

Just to be clear: the server has 4 network devices, only one physical Ip Address (, and 20 virtuals Ip Addresses (One of them is assigned to PPM: We generated a PPM license with this virtual IP address.

Here is the Unix command which I invoked to install PPM:
./ -console -W LicenseConf.value="/applis/ppmd/bin/SOCGEN.conf" -W"false"

Once the install was finished, i added the following statement to the server.conf:

Then I started PPM. No error, PPM works correctly.
I ran the following unix command:
lsof |grep ppmdadm | grep LISTEN
And got this result:
java 8085585 ppmdadm 140u IPv4 0xf1000600056b2398 OtO TCP *:44597 (LISTEN)
java 8085585 ppmdadm 170u IPv4 0xf1000600055d0398 OtO TCP *:7001 (LISTEN)
java 8085585 ppmdadm 389u IPv4 0xf100060005995398 OtO TCP DPPMD.dns21.SOCGEN:rmiregistry (LISTEN)

In the both first rows, we should see DPPMD.dns21.SOCGEN instead of the start (*) character.

This server contains a lot of other applications which are using the same port but a unique virtual IP.
That's why we want to force PPM to listen one IP address and one port.

I guess this * character should be generated by a config file of PPM.
DO you know it? Which config file? How can I manage this issue?
In the jbossweb-tomcat50.sar, the server.xml contains a variable jboss.bind.address: what does it mean?

Note: the 7001 port is used for the client PPM URL.
DPPMD.dns21.SOCGEN is the DNS
Ppmdadm is the unix account used by me to install PPM.

Sorry for this short description ;-)
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Re: JBOSS, how to bind a specific IP address - This thread has been closed

I got the following answer from the HP support team which solved this issue. Here is their answer:
At the very bottom of, there's a line that starts the server. It looks like this:

${JAVA_HOME}/bin/java $SERVER_OPTION $OS_FLAGS $SYSTEM_PROPS $HEAP $DIAG_PARAMS -Djava.awt.headless=true org.jboss.Main -c $SERVER_NAME &

Modify this line, adding -b parameter after org.jboss.Main. You need to replace with the real IP address. For example:

${JAVA_HOME}/bin/java $SERVER_OPTION $OS_FLAGS $SYSTEM_PROPS $HEAP $DIAG_PARAMS -Djava.awt.headless=true org.jboss.Main -b -c $SERVER_NAME &

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event