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Issue with list of resources


Issue with list of resources

Hi All, 

I have issue with list of resources. when i try to search name to add resources under task, name is missing. for what my understanding as a admin you can see all list of resources. i have about 262 user, but only 105 is appear. please help me. tq.

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Re: Issue with list of resources


If you are talking about assigning a resource to a task in the PPM work plan, then you have to keep in mind two "default" constraints: You can only pick a resource if it is either assigned in the staffing profile of that project, or if it is in a resource pool of which you are the manager. 

If you want to be able to pick any resource and assign it to a task, then go to the admin console, in menu "Application Configuration", and set the parameter RM_OVERRIDE_ASSIGNMENT_CONTROLS to true (then restart PPM). But only do that if you are willing to shortcut the Resource Management good practice that imply that a resource should first be assigned to the staffing profile of a project before being able to work on that project. That is a weakening of the resource management governance process, but if that's what floats your boat, so be it :)