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Issue with Web Service sessions

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Issue with Web Service sessions

Hi, we are implementing a custom PPM scheduled service that integrates with a another system using Web Services.

This is what we have done:

1) Generated Web Service stubs from a given remote WSDL file. We have generated them with Axis2 that is bundled with PPM 9.140005.

2) Created a scheduled service that runs every 10 mins. This service connects to the remote Web Service.

There is no problem to make calls to the remote Web Service, a request is sent and we get data back. So that part is fine.

The problem: But the service needs to make several Web Service calls ~ 200, first retrieve a list then get data for each item. But after ~20 calls the remote web service answer with a fault code: "Max Sessions Exceeded".

To solve this (which works fine when I run outside PPM) I set this flag in the client code on the generated Axis2 stub:

This call should force the Axis2 client to send all Web Service calls in the same session (reuse the session id). But it doesn't seem to work when I run this inside PPM.

Any ideas on how to solve this? 

Regards Rikard

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Re: Issue with Web Service sessions

Hi Rikard,


This KCS article may help: KM356140


Basically, can run a java app that runs the web services.

PPM will run it like someone connecting from the command line.





"Using special command ksc_local_exec to execute the program which will call the external web server. The special command then can be used as a step in workflow or report (so can be scheduled)"


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