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Issue with TMG Configurable Filters

Sascha Mohr
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Issue with TMG Configurable Filters


I have an issue with the RT TMG Configurable filters. I have added a y/n radio button field to the requests section of that RT. The fields default is Yes. Together with the selection of the RT (has also a default) this should result in a limited list of the preselected RT.

This works well on the dev system but it does not at all on the test system. On the dev sysrem the preselected RT is present and working but the additional y/n field is not. I can even make it visible and editable, still it doesn't do a thing.

Is there something that I am missing or have ignored?

This is v9.14, maybe a known issue? Did not find anything related though.



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Re: Issue with TMG Configurable Filters

Hi Sasha,


hope you're doing great.

The scenario in which this is not working - are you talking about doing an advanced search on an RT with the y/n-button as a filter criteria or is this only a matter of the field being visible in the request itself? Might miss something here but I'M not sure, sorry.


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