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Issue with SSH2 Authentication

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Issue with SSH2 Authentication



we are facing issues while adding Environment variable for different instances to configure a Workflow for migrating objects between instances.


however the ENV variables are posing issue and when we check the ENV Variable status with Server and DB. the DB check passes however the server check does not pass and show below error



An error occured while executing the Environment Check commands. This may be due to incorrect or unsupported Environment settings; please review the log and make necessary adjustments. (KNTA-11064)  Execution Log
The following Command Step is not subject to timing out: com.kintana.core.server.execution.CLCopyCommand

KSC Copy

Source Command:Env Check: Transfer connection to Env server

Protocol:        SCP2
Host:            xxxx
Username:        yyyy
NT Domain:       CT
Stream Encoding: UTF-8

[2013/07/26 03:21:54 -0700] LOGON_ATTEMPT yyyy@xxxx:22
SSH version received from remote host: SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_6.1
SSH version sent to remote host: SSH-2.0-1.0 Kintana SSH client
Initiating key exchange.
Succeeded in key exchange.
Authenticating user.
Found private key identity file. Adding public key authentication module...



Hope somebody will be able to see this and provide a solution or work aorund to fix this issue

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Re: Issue with SSH2 Authentication

i have done ssh configuration on windows servers, i didnt face the exact issue you have but i have some recommendations;


- did you check ssh connection via cmd?

- did you check your ssh user bashprofile configuration?


reconfiguration of ssh user may fix your problem.

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Re: Issue with SSH2 Authentication

execute this directly on server and share what is the output



ssh -v localhost

Utkarsh Mishra

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Dennis Handly
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Re: Issue with SSH2 Authentication

>execute this directly on server and share what is the output


You may want to use -vvv for more details.