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Issue with KSC_CREATE_PROJECT in PPM 9.2

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Issue with KSC_CREATE_PROJECT in PPM 9.2



We are observing issues with KSC_CREAT_PROJECT command in PPM 9.2 when there is more than one project manager is selected in the proposal record through which project is created.


The command fails while creating a project when there is more than one project manager in the proposal record.


Error given is GUID=8D9C0F31-254C-B983-FF46-347A656E47C8 For input string: 103060#@#103015 where the input string is the database values of two different project managers in the system with PPM delimiter '#@#'.


Has anyone else seen this issue and is there a hotfix available for the issue.







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Re: Issue with KSC_CREATE_PROJECT in PPM 9.2

The Project Manager field is a multi-select field. You can add multiple Project Managers.

When PPM stores multiples it stores the User_Ids separated by the special delimeter #@#

ksc_creat_project is probably expecting a string that contains an ascii representation of a numeric User_id.

The deliemeter causes an error.


The easy fix is to only have one Project Manager when creating a Project from a Proposal..

You can then open the Project and add additional Project Managers.


There is probably a way to remove the delimeter by modifying the ksc_create_project call.

Not sure if it would work nor what it would want.

"User_Id, User_Id"  or "User_Id User_Id".

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Re: Issue with KSC_CREATE_PROJECT in PPM 9.2

Looks like a bug..

You can strore Original PM field in Temp field and before Project creation populate it. And modify exiting PM field to have only one value.

Once Project is cerated you can restore the same.
Utkarsh Mishra

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