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Issue while migrating validation

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Issue while migrating validation

Hi ,


We are trying to migrate the below validation ABCD from Dev to Stage, and while migrating the package fails with the below error msg.


Validation values with the lookup type ABCD exist, but cannot be automatically replaced by this migrator. Please delete these validation values and try this migration again.


please let us know if any more information required.


Thanks in advance.

Raj Ghimire
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Re: Issue while migrating validation

I don't have the complete log to look at but this "could" be Valdiation Data Corruption issue in the source.


Personally I have had to deal with quite Validation data corruption issues in the past resuting in migration issues.  And most of our issues usually used to occur when the valdiation values were added in the source by directly copying the strings from Word doc. 


Deleting existing values and then adding new validation values again using "Notepad" instead of Word to copy values from, usually used to solve our issues. You may want to give that a try and see if that helps.


- Raj

Jim Esler
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Re: Issue while migrating validation

Some validations that come with the product appear to be configured to block being overwritten by the migrator. These validations have to be modified manually in each instance of PPM. I have never seen this message when migrating a validation that we created.

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Re: Issue while migrating validation


Yes, after some ananlysis we found the validation got corrupted.


Is there any way we can come to know whether the validation is good for migration by using migrator.


thanks in advance.