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Issue in creating custom report

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Issue in creating custom report

Hi Team,


We are currently on PPM 7.5, SP7 and the OS is Windows 2003. We are currently in the process of building a new report for our client which is custom to their needs.


We have built the query and tested the same on our database before incorporating the call to the DB file containing the query. The issue here is that when we call the procedure the report id is not getting generated which in turn is throwing out the following error:

Run Report :
Oracle Error :ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer
too small


As can be seen from above the Run report is blank, whereas it should have a report id. Checking the logs has not yielded any helpful information and also checking this site we did restart the server as recommended in one thread. 


If anyone has encountered this issues or can guide us on fixing this would be of great help.







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Re: Issue in creating custom report

Hi Bharath,


This kind of error is produced from PL/SQL code if you have any string variable like VARCHAR, VARVCHAR2, CHAR etc. declared with length shorter than particular value that is going to be assigned to it. I would recommend verification of your customized PL/SQL code in order to catch all declaration of such strings and try to figure out which one might be too short. Debugging would be the best approach to get the solution.




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Re: Issue in creating custom report

Thanks mdadok.



I resolved this issue and this was not related to PL/SQL. I had added a ';' in the query being passed on to the custom package which generates HTML Report and after removing this i was able to create reports.