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Issue in Report Output

Shravan Kathuri
Honored Contributor.

Issue in Report Output

Hi ,

We are using PPM 7.5.

We are using the below standard function to display the data in PPM report.

KNTA_REPORT.add_text(x_report_id, x_line_num, 'Y','' || lv_data|| '' );

But when we run the report, we are getting output as below for field "lv_data".

In a continuous effort, the PMO is targeting to create an overall Program Milestone chart for distribution. This will not go int o the granular task level but will present a single view of each work.

When we observe the above output, we have one space between "int" and "o". but it should look like "into".

We have tried to remove space by using nowrap attribute. But it is not working.

Can anyone tell me what could be the problem?