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Is it possible to use Restful Webservices in PPM 8.02?

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Is it possible to use Restful Webservices in PPM 8.02?


In PPM 9.13 version, we have option to use "Restful web services".

We have tried to use these in our 9.13 environment and it was working fine.
We are unable to use the samae in 8.02 version.

Can we use the same Restful Web services functionality in PPM 8.02 version also?.

If possible to use in PPM 8.02 version, Could you please provide details on how to use.

If that is not possible, Is it possible to apply any patch so that it will work in PPM 8.02 environment also.
(Because we have 9.13 version only in our breakfix environment. We would like to use same functionality in our dev environment which is in 8.02)

And second question is We have authentication type called "HTTP Basic Access Authentication" in order to use Restful web services
instead of giving credentials in URL. We dont want to provide credentials in URL. We would like to use "HTTP Basic Access Authentication".

Could you please provide us more information on how to use "HTTP Basic Access Authentication" and "Lightweight Single Sign-on (LWSSO)" option.

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