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Is it possible include custom JSP page in "RequestUpdate.jsp"?

Shravan Kathuri
Senior Member

Is it possible include custom JSP page in "RequestUpdate.jsp"?


Is it possible to run JSP or java program when we click on "save" button on request form in PPM 7.1 SP5. Has anyone tried to include custom JSP page in RequesUpdate.jsp page.
My requirement is to store some data in one custom table after clicking on save button.
How is it possible?

Quick response would be appreciated.

Shravan Kumar.K

Sascha Mohr
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Is it possible include custom JSP page in "RequestUpdate.jsp"?

There is a rule event at least in more current versions (don't remember when it was introduced) that triggers before save. That way you could compute and store data in hidden fields at least. If you would customize that jsp, it would affect all request types, this would make it quite tricky.
Have you thought about creating a pl/sql trigger on the kcrt_requests table?
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event