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Is It possible to make task from a Request?

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Is It possible to make task from a Request?

Hi Experts


I have a question, when I design a Workflow for HP Demand, at customer, he like open a task from the workflow.
is it possible to make this configuration?.

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Re: Is It possible to make task from a Request?

Hi Eddy,


two point answer here:

1) you cannot add a task to a regular request because it doesn't contain a workplan;

2) for pfm_proposals or (pfm_) projects, something similar has been requested before. The Change Request ID is QCCR1L36554 but visible internally only, since logged for a legacy and thus out-of-support version.


The request at the time was to allow

Web Services: addTaskToExistingWorkplan special command


If interested in this for a current version, my suggestion would be to detailed fill in below questionaire and, using that, log a new ticket with HP PPM Support for processing.


1) Please provide a short problem statement:

2) When does the situation occur? Please describe an actual scenario from the
customer's current environment.

3) How is the situation currently handled or resolved? What work around is used

4) What is unsatisfactory about the current situation and why?

5) What is the required functionality to meet that will enable the described


Hope that helps.


Best regards



please solve this thread if the answer helped you.

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Re: Is It possible to make task from a Request?

Thank you for your response dirkf
let me check the you suggestion.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event