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Interface to automatically update exchange rates

Adam Morse

Interface to automatically update exchange rates

Can anyone tell me if they have built or tried to build a interface to any other application to update exchange rates (say monthly) in PPM? If yes, please shed some light on what tables and what they used as the trigger on the PPM side to propigate the calculations with the new FX rate.
Sascha Mohr
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Interface to automatically update exchange rates

To my knowledge, there is no automatic update. It would surely be possible to create such a thing as e.g. the ECB provides a webservice to get current FX rates and then populate the table kcst_fx_update_service properly.
But there may be a reason for this not being in the product. Often exchange rates are update in companies on a certain schedule like monthly. It's the same functionality in PPM doing this manually, you give a start date for the new fx rate. Nevertheless even in this situation it would be nice to pull the rates monthly from the ERP system.