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Integrating PPM with PeopleSoft

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Integrating PPM with PeopleSoft

Hi ,

We have a requirement where we need to integrate PPM with PeopleSoft for managing resources.Like updates happening in PeopleSoft should be reflected in PPM.

There are 2-3 ways where we can achieve this requirement.

But we want to achive this by using Web Service.

I just wanted to know few things:

1)Does PeopleSoft support web services.
2)Can this requirememnt be achieved using Web Services.
3)If so what would be the steps I need to follow.

As I am using Web Services for the first time,I have lot of queries.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Integrating PPM with PeopleSoft

Hi V.G,

I have the similar requirement. Did you find out the solution to this?

Does HP PPM provides out of the box integration with Peoplesoft.

What does People Soft Extensions provides?

Thanks in advance,
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