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Installing stand alone (offline) PPM instance

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Installing stand alone (offline) PPM instance

In lieu of a true dev/sandbox environment, I'd like to try and install PPM offline on my workstation or another offline machine in a test lab environment. Has anyone had luck doing this? Are there workarounds that should be used... i.e. installing on XP vs. Windows Server? Is it even possible?
Semenov Alexand
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Installing stand alone (offline) PPM instance

I'am testing on VM Ware virtual mashine. In VM instaled
OS:Windows Serwer 2003
Oracle 10 i.e.
I.m think it OK. Or use just a PC whitout WM.
Good Luck
Cris Robin
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Re: Installing stand alone (offline) PPM instance


I used to work with VM Ware instance and it was working ok. Not brilliant.

If you are an HP partner, you can ask you local HP office for an instance of PPM on VM Ware. They got this for presentations.

I got one of those from them and it was full.
All models included. It made my life easier.

BTW, do not forget, if you do it by yourself, to use the same IP address in the WM Ware or to get a new license.

Hope it help

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event