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Installation Error: License does not exists

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Installation Error: License does not exists



I'm installing PPM in Sun Solaris. In the "Check license.conf" step I can't continue cause the next error:


  "License does not exist"


  • At first, I validated that the file is located in the correct path. --> The path is ok
  • I checked that the user has the grants to rw the folder/file. --> Is the owner of the folder so the grants are ok
  • Then I request a new license file to HP Support assuming that the old license.conf file was corrupted. --> They send it and try again but the error persists.
  • Finally, I took a DEMO License and try to continue with this file but the error persists. --> The original license.conf file is ok


I've installed succesfully in QA and DEV enviroments with the same procedure but in this case I find this error.

So i'm posting this to find some help of you to continue with the installation.


Thanks in advance!


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Re: Installation Error: License does not exists

Its problem of your license file you recived from HP. Ask them to share another correct file.

Utkarsh Mishra

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Re: Installation Error: License does not exists

Hi Franatucha,


not sure I agree with the before answer from Utkarsh.


First of all make sure that the license that you received is for the IP-address of the machine that you are trying to use it on. PPM evaluates licenses per IP-address.

If the license has been issued for this IP that you are trying to install it under, follow the next hints


- Check that the machine/IP translation is done by the OS (not PPM). So whatever machinename or IP address is being provided to the install program, the OS thinks the IP is the (which is the generic "localhost" IP).

- In the hosts-file, try specifying the IP-address as an alias for now instead of the machine name to avoid any machine/IP translation issues.
- Copy the license.conf to a different location.

On top of that, the following are a couple of tips on how to save the license.conf file correctly:

Do a Save As on the license.conf file when you receive it in an email instead of opening the file to save it. This will prevent the file from being save incorrectly.

Make sure when transferring from a Windows to a Unix server using FTP that it is transferred in ASCII mode.


Hope this helps.

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